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‘When Will It End’ website

By April 8, 2018Press

“When Will It End?” covers two narratives dealing with strong social issues and tackling a systemic problem facing our country. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics, 1 in 3 youth have experienced bullying. The effects of bullying and cyber bullying can be traumatic to youth in our country, many feeling their voice won’t be heard, and that they won’t be free of persecution. Some youth take matters into their own hands and become victims of suicide, or worse, take the lives of others. While “When Will It End?” covers these social issues, the team hopes that the message opens a dialog in our nation to openly discuss the systemic problem of teen suicide, gun violence in schools, and bullying, to raise awareness and give voice to these issues so that one day soon, the youth of America have their voice heard, and feel hope. This can only be done with engagement with the amazing organizations that provide support for youth facing these hard issues.  Visit the website here: http://www.whenwillitendsong.com/#video


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